Tips to Help you Decorate for Christmas


Decorating for Christmas can  be so overwhelming. Their are a hundred different styles of Christmas decor in the stores and a million different ways you could use them. For example, garland, we can put garland on a mantel, railing, table or fill a bucket with it, the possibilities are endless! Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I put together a few tips to help you feel organized when trying to make your house look festive for the holidays! I know some people in my personal life that decided not to decorate because they didn’t want to be bothered with it all. Well my Christmas lovin’ heart is not ok with that, so I hope these tips help you get festive inside the home! I promise, it can be easy…

  • Pick a theme / style

As I mentioned above, when you go into a store you will find a million different types of Christmas Decor. The colors are endless as well! Pick a theme, and stick to it. I’m traditional and can’t sway from the classic red green and white. What can I say, I like to keep it classy. I do add in some gold, but overall I stick to my colors. My style is a rustic, woodland look. My house screams woodland to me so naturally… reindeer, trees, lots of greenery. Now, this is just what works for me. When you go shopping, look at all your possibilities, what’s calling out to you? What type of decor is in your home? If your home is contemporary, maybe go with whites and silvers. Their is no wrong answer, just have fun with it. Choose it and stick with it!

  • Choose your areas

When you walk into your home, what do you see? Is there an entry way table or bench? If you have a table, throw a festive little faux tree on it, yep it can be that simple. Decorating doesn’t have to be elaborate, unless you want it to be. One simple tree says, ” ’tis the season”. A lot of stores sell them equipped with a festive bow already attached. You just bring it home and plop it right down on the table! If you have a bench there, a holiday pillow and throw blanket on top of the bench is all you need. I have a table, currently this is what it looks like.




I obviously gave the entire table a Christmas makeover, but as I said before, you don’t have too.

If you have a bench and want to put a pillow there, or you just want some really awesome Christmas pillows you have to check out this Etsy store, Returning Grace . I just purchased a few pillow covers and I’m extremely pleased with the quality. Below is a little pic of them! A mantel is another great place to add your Holiday decor, if you have one. Point being, choose your areas, normally the focal points in your home. It does not have to be every square inch of the nest.

Returning Grace Pillows


  • Remove any decor items that are specific to another season or holiday

If you have your Jack -o lanterns outside and bats still hanging from Halloween, you might want to consider taking them down for Christmas. Less specifically, do you have any faux greenery around? What does it look like? Is it specific to any season? For example, I use faux lavender plants in my home during spring and summer. If you still have something like that around tuck it away and replace it with more wintry greenery. Some other replaceable decor items are candles or vases. What color is the glass? Get something that is more of a Christmas or wintry smell if your replacing a candle. I try to use clear glass as vases all year long so I don’t have to worry about switching them. Again, simple yet effective…especially when the candle is lit!

  • Greenery

My favorites are white pine and douglas fir but any evergreen is great for winter decor. Real or faux!  Something like this (below) can be bought at a local craft store or sometimes a gardening nursery will sell faux greenery as well as real.


If you look back up at the picture of my entry way table, this is what I used to fill up the gold tray. How simple, right!? Then I just added a faux bushel of berries and some DIY mason jars, you can find out how I made them here. Greenery is a great way for any season, especially for Christmas. If you celebrate Christmas, who doesn’t have a Christmas tree? Bring the outside in, use it and abuse it, it’s a really great way to decorate. You can even stick something like this in a vase, fill up your mantel or as I did, lay it on a tray. My first tip was to choose your colors / themes. If you go to buy faux greenery at a local store, they will also have a whole variety of colors and styles. You can choose whichever one will match your style best.


  • Make some Hot Cocoa and enjoy your accomplishments

I hope these simple tips helped to make you feel like you can be festive in your home. Holiday decorating doesn’t have to be elaborate or difficult. It just has to be there and be fun. Feel free to email me with any questions, or send me a picture of your Holiday Cheer!

Thanks for stopping by.

xo -K



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