My Favorite Ways to Decorate for Winter

Well, it’s January so that means the Christmas decor comes down and we all have a blank slate. It’s so refreshing! I gathered a few of my favorite ways to decorate for winter to share with you all. It’s a fresh start. I love how I bring my non-seasonal decor pieces back out and have the opportunity to put everything in new places. When I decorate I use natural elements like woods, metals, and greenery. Greenery is the main thing that I change out every season. For winter I use pines and the little mini Christmas trees, without the Christmas.

This console table is up first, I love this old bread pan, it’s so long though that I can only put it certain places. I filled it up with a variety of things and that’s what makes these pans so much fun to decorate with.


As you can see, metals, woods, and greens. There’s a lot going on inside the pan, but what I love is when you look at the console table from afar, it doesn’t look as busy. The pan is filled with some faux pears, a few of my favorite gathered antiques, white candles surrounded by moss, pinecones and glass jars also surrounded by moss.



My husband brought these jars home from work for me one day. They are dug up from the ground somewhere in Philadelphia, PA. I guess Jim was having a conversation with this gentleman and he mentioned that I like this sort of thing. The next time he came in he had 6 glass jars for Jim to give to me. I never met this guy, but I sure do appreciate him! I love these jars so much.



So, the Christmas tree is bare and you’re ready to throw it to the curb, poor tree. I always take some clippings of the branches before it goes out the door. I put them in some water and when I walk by I get a whiff of that glorious pine smell. Depending on how you arrange them they can look a little silly by themselves, I particularly love to mix them with baby’s breath.



I used these faux pine stems for Christmas, but they had some red berries with them. For winter, I took out the red berries and now I can use them to fill trays or buckets. These are great for winter, especially with the little pinecones. Here they are in a tray that’s on my entry way table.



I love this ball of twine for winter too. If you look above you’ll notice I used a similar one on my console table. The little tree on the left was a great buy from Walmart. It is real, I bought it before Christmas.

Here are the pine stems in a bucket…


I drew these trees on my chalkboard for Christmas, but they’re totally staying until Spring!



So, with these simple little touches my house is winter ready. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to know where something is from!  Happy New Year to you all, cheers to a new beginning!


xo – K






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