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Seriously, I love Amazon. It has everything we could possibly need. It even has a little dot called Alexa I can talk to when I’m bored. She signs too, have you ever asked her to sing for you? If you have an Alexa, you need to ask her to, like now, then come back and finish reading about all these other awesome things from Amazon. I recently discovered its Handmade section. It’s full of sooo much greatness! I particularly love that it’s supporting small shops. I’m all about supporting someone’s dreams and hard work. Every item I’m going to list for you is not only handmade but made in America. Below is a list of some of my favorite things that I found on Amazon Handmade, are you ready?

This Moss Ball Terrarium Necklace by Moss + Twig, I have no words, it’s so awesome! This would be a great gift idea for a birthday or celebration. I love the moss, guys, it’s real! It has its own eco-system inside. It’s truly a special item, gift yourself or gift a friend, but this is a must have!

This flour sack towel is so pretty. The maker, Hearth and Harrow drew the lavender, mixes the ink, and prints all by herself. I love that, and it’s a great accessory for any kitchen!

Next, I found these adorable necklaces by The Silver Wren. They can be personalized any way you want…name, birthdate,  coordinates, you get my drift. I particularly like the bar, but I believe I saw some circles as well. This one can fit up to ten letters or numbers and she stamps each one herself. That’s love…

I’m pretty sure my jaw fell open when I saw this one. It’s so simple, yet so grand. I think it hits home for me because I use paper bags every day and every day I throw one away. I’m one of those moms that feeds her kids’ breakfast in the car every morning because she can’t get her shit together early enough to feed them in the kitchen. So, Eggos in the brown paper bag to go it is. Don’t judge. We all have our downfalls.  Anyway, these bags! I can’t wait to get mine and write myself little notes of encouragement to slip into the front pocket, “You toasted that waffle perfectly this morning, way to go!”  Peg + Awl are from Pennsylvania, so these bags are also American made. Their entire shop on Amazon is really impressive…this isn’t their only item that made my list!

This is another one by Peg + Awl. I feel like this is one of those things that no one would buy for themselves, but everyone would love to have. My husband would actually really like this on his desk. It has a stand it comes with too. Hmm, Valentine’s Day is coming up, I think I’m going to add this into his gift! I read that it takes about 10 days for them to make, so don’t hesitate with any of these handmade items!

Oops! She did it again. This is another handmade item by Moss + Twig. She’s the girl that makes the necklace Terrariums. Look how perfect this test tube flower holder is, I can think of a million places I could put this in my home. A little trick, fill the test tubes with water and stick faux flowers in them when you don’t have any real ones. I think it makes them look more real. #winning

I have this thing with postcards going on. I sent out Christmas Cards this year in a postcard style and I just bought my sons birthday invitations in a post card form too. I am crushing really hard on these by Idea Chic. I think it’s important to always have thank you cards on hand, you just never know when you might need to take that verbal (or texted) thanks to the next level. Nothing is more sentimental than a handwritten card, I’m a firm believer on that. So, yeah, postcards because licking the envelope is really gross anyway.

Last but not least….yep another one by Peg + Awl. This baguette board is a great gift for anyone with a kitchen. How many times have you taken the fresh loaf of bread out of its packaging and laid the loaf right on top of the paper and started cutting? Yeah, me too. Let’s try to keep it classy, we all need a baguette board in our lives.


So, overall I’m really impressed with Amazon’s handmade store. I found some really cool items I think would be great to have and/or make great gifts. People are so talented, let’s support that. I hope you enjoy exploring all it has to offer as much as I did. Let me know what you think about it!




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