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I’ve really been loving on textiles lately. Particularly, rugs with patterns, color, and different textures. There are some really fun styles going around and it makes me just want to change almost every rug I have! (My husband would totally not be on board with that idea.) I used to get really annoyed by the price of area rugs and would search for the cheapest I could find, that I liked. I would even buy them a bit smaller than what I actually needed to save money. This is a big no – no. Having a good area rug for a room makes such a difference. It’s like they say, you always need a solid foundation, well the same rule applies to area rugs. The rug really is your foundation when styling a room. After begrudgingly splurging on a rug one time, it taught me my lessons of how valuable a good rug really is. So, I put together a list of some rugs that I am currently crushing on and where to buy them. The prices vary, and I think most of them are reasonable, or expectable. Hopefully, this list will help you if you’re in the market for a new one!

Amazon is a great website for rugs. I feel they offer really great prices for really great quality rugs. I can specifically say that for this rug because I bought it not too long ago for my son’s room. It’s so soft and it’s really beautiful. My master bedroom and hallway runner are similar and are also from Amazon.

I also really love these rugs from Amazon:

This first one is a Vintage Persian style and I can just imagine it in a room filled with whites and woods. It would be a show stopper in any room, for sure.

Next, is a Vintage French Aubusson Design. I think this rug is a great way to add color yet still be calming and neutral. It would be great for a lot of different styled rooms; farmhouse, contemporary, traditional, bohemian, or eclectic.

Ok, how much fun would this rug be in a kids room or playroom? It’s so colorful but it’s not overbearing or too bold. This is a Moroccan Shag style.  I wish I had somewhere to put this rug in my home, I think it would just make me happy.


Amazon really has some great rugs and so many different styles. Search for yourself here! 



My next shopping stop is Fine Rug Collection

I found a lot of really nice runners on this site. Each one is either one of a kind and/or hand woven. They have a mix of antique, almost antique and new.

I really love this Persian Semi – Antique runner. I’m not sure what the official cut off of an antique rug is, but this one is somewhere (give or take 10 years) 50 years old. I think this runner would be stunning on a wood floor in an empty hallway. or in an entry way. Theirs not much you can do in some hallways so adding a detailed runner like this might be all you need. I love the colors here, and all the detail. This is definantly one I want in my home. I have to stop saying that, because I want every rug I’m listing in my home.

This next runner is another great find, it’s new but it’s one of a kind. I think this one would look great in a neutral area. For me, I can picture this one in my kitchen.

This last runner from Fine Rug Collection is this Mahi Tabriz Oriental Runner. I have to say, I’m not a fan of most oriental rugs, but Fine Rug Collection has some really nice medallion designs that I really like.  Currently, they are offering free ground shipping on all oriental rugs and a lot of different sales. This particular rug is over 70% off! Look for yourself, here!

Moving on to our next shop,

This first rug I found is really neat because it has a rustic lodge vibe but it’s also sort of bohemian. I’m just going to call it an eclectic geometric rug. I like the black white and gray. You can bring a pop of color through your other accents and always allow them to be interchangeable since your rug is so neutral.

This next rug is so soft, maybe feminine is the word I want to use? I see this in a french country inspired room.

How much fun is this next rug!? I love how it’s modern but also has a bit of that boho farmhouse vibe going on. They call it green but I think it looks a bit more turquoise. Rug Sale has a really efficient customer chat where I’m sure they could assist with any questions like this. This rug is so bold in color yet soft in pattern. It’s a great style. It’s 100% Jute which brings me to my next online shop because they have a lot of really great natural rugs!

discount area rugs

The next store I want to share with you is Natural Area Rugs

Natural Area Rugs specializes in just that, natural area rugs. These are rugs like jute, sisal, seagrass and wool. Personally, I love these rugs for a base rug and then layering smaller, and more bold rugs overtop that are interchangeable. My Instagram friend, Erin @kismet_house does this perfectly. I seriously want to take her living room and put it in my home. She took a jute rug as the base, then layered different colors and textures over top. It looks so good!  Check out her perfect layering skills here…

Above photo is by Erin Conway

You can see more of her awesomeness by clicking here.

If you wanted to create a look like Erin’s I would suggest starting with a rug like this, then choosing your layering pieces from there. Click here to see all the wool rug options for layering over top a jute like this.

Another great jute is this one, mixed with leather. I have a similar rug in my older son’s room and I really like it. This one is very neutral, but if you wanted more color they have different options on their website.

Another way I prefer to use natural rugs are for indoor entryways or runners. They are strong and long lasting. I have one for when you walk into my front door and it really catches all the dirt from dirty shoes!

Create Custom Rugs

Lastly, I want to share with you one of my most favorite websites for all the littles in my life, The Land of Nod

Land Of Nod specializes in littles, but honestly, they have some great stuff for organization and home decor. Today, we are going to focus on their rugs, which again, some are very versatile.

I may have mentioned before how I dream of decorating a little girls room since I have all boys over here, well this would totally be my girls rug…rugs… I couldn’t pick just one so I narrowed it down to my favorite 3 for the little ladies.

I’m really into the whole tahoe / bohemian thing going on right now so of course, this rug made the list as number one.

I could have a lot of fun creating a whimsical getaway with this rug, so this is my second choice.

And because at the end of the day all things neutral win my heart, this is my third choice. With a rug like this, I know I would be able to change a lot of the other decor in the room more often and would be able to play around with a little bit more freedom.

Boys, Boys, Boys! I have a lot of fun with my boys’ rooms. I am currently working on a post to show them to you because I rarely show them on my Instagram. Sign up for my newsletters so you don’t miss it! As far as rugs for boys from Land of Nod, here are some of my favs.

This one is a fun update on the chevron print. Since it’s gray and white any other color can be incorporated into the room. Neutral for the win!

This rug has a coastal vibe going on but is really just a great style for a boys room. It’ll grow with them as well.

Lastly, this rug just has swagger. I can see a cool kid that’s into lots of different activities with this rug. You know, like all those biking and jumping activities that make parents age 10 years in one hour.

Land of Nod has a lot of great rugs, and some are neutral that would be great in a playroom or if your son and daughter share a room. Go explore for yourself!

The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids

All of these websites have something unique about them and I really enjoyed exploring all of their options. Thanks for rug shopping with me! Feel free, as always, to ask any questions.

xo – K








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