Goal: Read More Books
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Before I had kids I was constantly reading. I would come home from work, drop my bag and grab a novel. It was just my thing. I am not one to particularly like tv shows or want to watch tv but I do love a good escape and books do that for me. After I had kids reading sort of slowed down for me, as do most parents hobbies after they have kids. It’s fine, I was and still am totally into mommin’ but now that they’re a little older and I have a bit more free time on my hands I realized I was really missing my books.

Then I discovered Book of the Month. Why it took me this long, I don’t know but it’s a game changer. My youngest is two so bringing him to the bookstore was sometimes a bit of a hassle. Why do they sell toys in there anyway!? If I want to go buy myself and my kids a book, I want them to see books, not toys! It sometimes could lead to those unwanted tantrums. So, I stopped going.

Book of the Month will send you a book each month, right to your front door! One book each month and free shipping! If you wanted to add another book from their monthly selections it’s only $9.99 more per book. That’s a good deal! This month I even got a little freebie in my box! I really like how they give you selections that if I were to go into a bookstore I may not have picked up on my own. Quality over quantity.

Here are a few special offers to get you started with

Book of the Month

$5 for 1-month memberships

3 – months membership for $9.99 per month + a free tote 

 Happy Reading, friends!

xo -K

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