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I don’t know how he does it, but sometimes he totally crushes me in finding awesome businesses. By he, I mean the Mr. I was a little under the weather a few weeks ago so he sent me these amazingly gorgeous fresh flowers. There’s something so renewing about having fresh flowers in the home, it’s a simple and pretty way to bring nature inside. These flowers are exactly what I needed for a little pick me up. Hubs definitely won his brownie points with these.

I love how the box says, “day made” it was so true!

“Too Much” is our acronym for I Love You

These blooms came wrapped in pretty brown paper with the stems in a sponge to keep them nice and moist. I wasn’t home when they were delivered, so they sat outside in this box for probably a few hours. There’s a cute little message on the box that says to open it. When I brought them in and opened the box, they were in perfect condition.

Sending someone fresh flowers is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face. Valentines Day is coming up, and I strongly suggest you guys check out this site and send some gorgeous blooms to your loved ones. Below you will find some discounts on your first purchase!

I sort of hate when I need to purchase flowers for someone and I go to the site and there are 500 different options. BloomThat is not overwhelming, and they have some serious unique choices. You know that saying, “quality over quantity” well, there’s no denying the truth in that statement when it comes to these blooms. They’re all so beautiful. After Jim sent me these flowers, I went to the site and purchased some for a friend who just had a baby. The site was simple to navigate and delivery was right on time. She loved her blooms as well!

I’m really glad I am able to share this company with you all, check out these discounts and go Bloom someone you love today!

Use code RUSTIC15 to receive 15% off now through 2/5/17 for new customers

20% off your Valentines Day order with code VDAY20


Jim got me an extra little something with my flowers. This candle smells of Sweet Fig and I didn’t even need to light it to enjoy its aroma. It is the perfect pairing with these gorgeous flowers.

xo – K

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