Mother’s Day DIY

Hey all!

I wanted to share a really simple Mother’s Day craft my kids made for their grandmoms! It was so easy, a little messy, but a lot of fun! I got this wallpaper adhesive made by Paper Riot Co they have a bunch of different styles and it is so easy to work with! I heard this before I actually tried it and I have to say I was skeptical because I am not one of those people that have patience for tedious things, but it wasn’t tedious, it really is super easy to work with!

So, all I did here was buy one of these little canvases from a local craft store, I chose 8×10 but if you have more than two kids or kids with bigger hands, you can buy a bigger size. Paper Riot sheets come 20×16 so just don’t exceed that. Then you need scissors to get started.

I simply cut the decals to the size of the canvas then covered the canvas with it.


So, now you have a super cute canvas and the possibilities are really endless! You can simply print out a photo and write mom on the canvas with cute little stickers or just tape a photo to the canvas. I chose to paint little flower pots and then use my kid’s handprints as the flowers. I like how they turned out for a little extra something in my mom’s Mother’s Day gift. I have no doubt I’ll be doing another project with these decals!

We made 4 of these total, we got lots of mommy’s to celebrate! I started out by painting a flower pot on each canvas. I just used a regular washable kids paint. Then I painted a stem in green. Then the fun part, my kids dipping their hands in paint! I wasn’t really able to take pictures of the process, I’m sure you can guess why! My boys chose blue and orange for the flowers, but obviously, you can choose any color you want. My older sons hands are on the top and my younger one on the bottom. I think the Paper Riot decal gives it a bit of elegance instead of leaving the white canvas.


I wrote “Happy Mother’s Day 2017” in marker on the flower pots once they dried. If I had more time I probably would have went back to the craft store and bought little letter stickers or something better than my own handwriting, but it worked and it still looks good!

I also found those cute little canvas holders at my local craft store. I bought one to go with each canvas!


How simple is that!? I hope you’ll try it, let me know if you do.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful moms out there!

xo -K 





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