Before Pics of our New Home

Hey friends!

So, this has been a long time comin’. My husband and I have lived in our current house for almost 4 years. However, we never really felt settled. I think a year after we moved in I had the house listed for sale. It was never about the house, but about location and function. I obviously love my current house, I made a whole Instagram and blog dedicated to it, but I could never picture our future here so we were always on the hunt for somewhere else.  It’s funny how things work out though because the house didn’t sell for a while and we couldn’t find a home that was worth moving to, until now.

Our new house is everything we were missing. It’s in a neighborhood, with kids that actually play outside! A small (but mighty) school system and an entryway. Yep. I’ll admit it, I hated that when you walked into my current house you walked into the living room, literally.

Currently, we have about a week left before we have to be out of our house and into the new one. The house was in pretty good condition, but there were some things I wanted to make my own. So, when we closed at the end of August, we immediately got to work! Now, when I say we, I don’t literally mean I physically did these things. We hired some really awesome contractors. They have been husslin’ to meet our deadline. Will they make it!? I’m not sure, I have to say I’m getting a bit nervous. There is still a good amount of work to be done, if you follow me on Instagram you will see some of the progress in my stories. Either way, come next week we are moving in!

Here are some photos of the house before all the work started. I literally ran in one day and just snapped photos of each room. I didn’t move any clutter or open any shades.  So, here is your warning, there IS NOT pretty staged photos below this point.



This is the sunroom or breakfast nook.

Updates in this room will include:

  • Fresh coat of paint
  • All the trim and doors will be painted white
  • New Floors
  • New Fan



Updates in this room will include:

  • New Island
  • New hardware
  • New Sink and faucet
  • Replacing the backsplash
  • Adding a pot filler
  • Fresh coat of paint
  • New floors

Living Room / Entry Way


Updates in this room will be:

  • Fresh Paint
  • New Floors
  • New Fan
  • Took towers down from the entertainment center
  • Took nook cabinets out and will build a bench

Laundry Room

Updates in this room will include:

  • Upper and lower cabinets
  • New Sink
  • Refridgerator
  • Washer / Dryer on opposite side of picture
  • New Paint

Master Bedroom

Updates in this room:

  • Fresh Paint
  • New Floors
  • New Curtains
  • New Fan

Master Bathroom

Updates in this room will be….everything. We ripped this bathroom out down to the studs. We also ended up finding some rotted subfloors in the shower, so good thing we were able to replace them before building the new shower!

Upstairs Bathroom

We completely gutted this bathroom too.

Slowly but surely this place will become our home, I’m really excited to share that journey with you. Thank you for stopping by and checking out all of my before pics. When everything is all done and we get settled I will post the “ta-da” pictures, but in the meantime check my stories on Instagram for some updates!


xo – K

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