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Here in my little town, there are so many beautiful homes. I am always seeing something new and am always inspired. If you follow me on Instagram I often show you some homes in my stories during my walks. Today I get to show you the inside of a home from my town that I was so generously invited into to photograph – sole reason – because it’s awesome and I needed to share it with you! They took this home and turned their dreams into reality. They knocked down walls, took off roofs and totally nailed it. All while making babies and raising littles!  Some of you know I’ve only lived in this town for about a year now, but I feel like I’ve known my new friends forever. They are the sweetest, most kind family and I am so happy to share their home with you. So, let’s step inside and I’ll show you around!

The Cop house or I should say the “Greene House”  (here, your house is referred to as the first person who ever lived there) didn’t always look so inviting, check out the before pic of the same view below.

The Cop’s were a family of 4 when they started the renovations. They planned on knocking out a wall next to the kitchen to make the kitchen larger. The room they would be loosing was a nursery. They had plans of turning the attic into two bedrooms, one for each kid and then a playroom.

I enjoyed going over and hearing all the details about the renovation, the good, the bad and the unexpected. Gary and Alyssa did everything all by themselves, lived through it all and endured every moment of it with the kids in the house as well. (Amazing, right!?)


How sweet is their wedding photo on top of the piano in that big exaggerated frame? I think it adds romance, as if a wedding photo needed any more of that!

 Well, here’s where things get “unexpected”… Gary & Alyssa’s plans of making the attic into two bedrooms and a playroom weren’t able to happen. Surprise! They’re having another baby, which means, no playroom for the older siblings, hello third bedroom for the attic.

When they ripped the roof off of the attic Gary saved all the 100 + year old rafters. He made this table out of them as well as the kitchen island and the shelves over the oven. Pretty resourceful! Let’s give Gary a pat on the back! Before I show you pictures of the new kitchen, here’s the before dining room and kitchen…

Notice in the before picture of the kitchen where the refrigerator is, that is the wall they knocked out.

I just love that wood beam they were able to reuse from the attic!

Gary found the pantry door on the side of the road, took it home and Alyssa painted it. Don’t they make an awesome team!? The doorknob is actually Gary’s great grandmother’s. That is what makes a house a home.

(Insert heart emoji here)

One last special piece, beings that their home is from 1914, it is part of our town’s historical society. Alyssa went and documented on the back everyone who has purchased this home. She also painted the dresser it’s sitting on, just FYI.

I love stepping into someone else’s home and being completely inspired. The work and love they put into this place shines everywhere you look! Alyssa just recently started sharing her home and photography on Instagram. I invite you to go over and say hi, there you will be able to get glimpses of more of their home, especially their perfect little attic for tiny humans! It’s definitely something you’ll want to go see.

Her username is @alyssacopdesigns


Thank you Cop Family for allowing us into your home. Freidns, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

xo – K


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