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Smudging is something that can seem so foreign if you’ve never done it, but if you look at history and different religions it’s actually not too uncommon.

I personally give my honor to the Native Americans, who use smudging as a way to clear negative energy in a space, aura or body. It originated as the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing. The Native Americans are very particular about what herbs they use depending on what ceremonial ritual they are performing and also depending on the season, for potency reasons.

I tend to make my ritual more modern in the sense that, for one, I don’t dare to believe I have the wisdom of the accended Native Americans and also, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t consider my store-bought Palo Santo or Sage Stick sufficient. I do hold sacred space for them in my heart and mind when I do my own smudging. It’s just my way of giving honor and respect to its origin.

Herbs, plants, and trees were all that existed before modern day medicines and exorcisms. Smudging is present in every different culture, in some sort of way, it all just depends on what you believe and how you were brought up. This practice goes back to the beginning of time. For example, Catholic’s use a thurible with frankincense, myrrh, cedar, and maybe some other spices and flowers. They believe the smoke rises the prayers of the faithful up towards heaven. Buddhist burn incense with the belief that it serves as an offering to Buddha or other deities. They also believe that the smoke can clear the air of evil spirits.

So, even if you don’t know what you believe spiritually or what your religion is, just try it out. I find after I spend time smudging my home, I feel a bit lighter and the air seems softer. If I’m angry or resentful about something, I do a quick smudge to clear myself of that unwanted energy. Maybe it’s just the purposeful movement that can change your energy or maybe it is the smoke, who knows, but I find it helps me. There are so many reasons to smudge! Plus, I love the smell. Before I go into the how, here are some herbs that can be used for smudging and some basic uses.

Palo Santo: Clears negative energy, aids in physical health and well being

White Sage: Clears negative energies from objects, persons and spaces

Lavender: Clears the mind and promotes peace and healing to the home, some say repels unwanted spirits.

Yarrow: Protection & Dispelling Fear

Cedar: Banishes fear, clears negative energies and opens your third eye

Rosemary: Clears negative energies from physical sickness

Sweetgrass: Purifies the Spirit, calming, attracts Spirit

Here’s How...

You will need

  • Herb Stick of Choice, pictured in my photos are Palo Santo or White Sage
  • Abalone Shell or bowl – It is said to use an Abalone Shell because by doing so brings all of the Elements together. The shell is from the sea, so you have water, the herb is from the earth, the lighter or match brings fire and the smoke and feather represents air. If you don’t have one, any bowl will be fine. Abalone Shells are also known for having healing properties, that the waves of the sea can calm your emotions. I got mine here.
  • Matches or Lighter
  • Feather

Make an intention.

For me, I normally ask my Spirit Guides and Reiki Masters to guide me in clearing the energy in my home or myself for the highest good or highest vibrancy. This is a personal statement that you can say out loud or to yourself in your head. The point is to make your intention clear. Just because I call on my Spirit Guides and Reiki Masters doesn’t mean that that is right for you. It may feel uncomfortable or if you’re not a Reiki, it won’t make any sense. You can call on Mother Mary, Arch Angel Michael, Padre Pio or any of the Saints you choose. There’s Lord Ganesh, Master Buddha… so many possibilities. If you’re really stuck, use a generic smudging prayer like this one. You can find these generic prayers all over Pinterest, I got this sign from The Spirit Den.

Once your intention is set, light your smudge stick. I normally drag the smoke all over the barriers of a room, outline windows and doors and walk through my home or space holding my intention. I bring the feather with me and wave the smoke in the direction I want it to go in.

When I get back to where I started or where I want to be, I thank my Guides and allow the smudge stick to burn out on it’s own.

It’s that simple! The more you do it, the more comfortable you will get with it. I didn’t realize until I started writing this just how personal my smudging ritual is to me, so I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know when you try it out. Tag me on Instagram and I’ll share your smudge pics in my stories!

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