This is who I am

“I am Rose Marie’s grand daughter, the spitting image of my father and when the day is done my mamma’s still my biggest fan.”

This song, “Who I am” by Jessica Andrews must have been written for me. It truly does describe me eerily well but writing the full lyrics of a song to introduce my self is a bit of a cop out so I’ll try this instead…


I am a mama with a wonderful husband and two little boys, a loving, large family and a home to create life within. My name is Caitlin, and I am so glad you decided to stop by.

I am born and raised in Southern NJ. I grew up in a steelyard, literally. I blame this for my first love of rusty industrial décor. My dad runs a family business selling steel and hardware, I spent many days as a child exploring the wonders of huge industrial pipes to the tiniest little nuts and bolts. It was all so peculiar to explore as a little girl. Almost like Alice falling into Wonderland. While my home isn’t rustic or industrial, that style holds a spot in my heart. It’s how my love for decor started. As a young girl, I wouldn’t dream of building anything with all the metals that were laying around, I dreamt of decorating!

I have a good amount of hobbies that fuel my soul, I started this blog to tune into all of them, and around here is where I share what I love. You will find me rambling on about home decor, food, wellness & holistic health and well, life.

We all have a lot of life going on, I hope you enjoy hearing about mine.

Make your self at home, and enjoy your visit!

xo -K



Your names Caitlin, with a C, why do you call yourself K? 

Well, for as long as I can remember my family called me KK. I don’t think anyone has a reason for it. If I remember correctly my Uncle may have started it. Maybe he didn’t know how to spell my name? But, boy did he make it stick. My nieces and nephews call me Aunt KK, family members call me KK and my best friend calls me K. My husband even breaks out the K nickname every once in a while. Sometimes nicknames just stick, and this one has been around for as long as me.