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The Meaning Behind The Hidden Spire

To be honest, it's a long story. One that in time will be scattered around this blog eventually making a full story. Until then, here is the gist of it. It was October of 2017 (wow time flies) and we were moving to our forever home in a sweet little town named Wenonah. At the time I was dabbling in blogging for home decor. Well, in actuality I was at the beginning stages of being burned out from it. It was fun, but it didn't stick. I knew I wanted a blog that was all of me, not just a part of me. I always felt like a fraud doing just home decor since that is only a small part of who I am. So due to the physical move, I needed a name change for my blog. It used to be called This Rustic Cottage. I no longer live in a cottage, and my home is also no longer rustic. I feel like that name also limited me to only sharing information about my home. It had to be changed. That's when The Hidden Spire was born. Right away I knew my double meaning, but I didn't know how much I would value it until later. See, at the time my focus was still on home decor.

My home, having a spire and being tucked away in a small (hidden) little town took on a physical meaning as well as a deeper one.

Timing isn't always on our terms, and it certainly isn't predictable either, but sometimes we know. I knew it wasn't time to start this blog or business then, but I knew I eventually would. So when I chose the new name, I was thinking about growth. Ascension. A Spire is something that reaches up, or a more familiar term, "rise up." A peak point. While I was in a position of growth, I knew I wasn't (still am not) at my peak. Are any of us? Isn't the point of life to keep growing, keep rising, until eventually, we reach the tip of that spire. IF we ever reach the tip of that spire. I feel as though life is a never-ending lesson. Every opportunity, every situation, there's always something to learn. About ourselves, our world, about the way our friends and family are, how much we can really handle, or how we handle situations, our flaws, our good qualities, our parenting style, the way we friend, the list is endless. Every opportunity is an opportunity for growth. That's how I live my life, and the hidden qualities in me, in my soul are my driving force. I thought, "what's hidden inside of me, how far can I go?" That thought birthed The Hidden Spire. The qualities hidden in me, in you, how high can they take us? How far will you climb?

We have this lifetime to figure it out, let's make it worth it.

And so, 3 years later... the real reason for The Hidden Spire is born.

Welcome to my blog, my business. I am honored to have you here.

Let's Heal.

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The blog looks great and I love your outlook on life. It’s inspiring. Looking forward to more posts.

Gefällt mir

Caitlin, I love your blog and both the beauty and simplicity of your website. Many blessings and I can't wait to read more!

Gefällt mir
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