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What is Reiki and why should I be placed with it?

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In the simplest explanation, Reiki is Energy. We are energy, our very essence on this Earth is energetic. We are influenced by the energy around us, and literally have an energetic field surrounding us. So, if there's so much energy, why is Reiki Energy any different? Well, it is because it is a direct connection to the Universal Life Force Energy or Chi. This is our breath, our connection to life. The connection to your God.

Reiki Energy is healing and can be directed with our intention. It is not invasive and does not do any harm. It is as ancient as the Indian Sutras or more but it is more commonly known to be dated back to Dr. Mikao Usui who traveled to the holy mountain of Kurama in Japan where he fasted for 21 days in the late 1800s. It was here where Dr. Usui followed the directions in the Sutras to connect with a Higher Power that could bestow Healing. Since then, Reiki has been brought to the west and has adapted to other versions or techniques over the years. The ones I currently practice are Usui, Holy Fire III, Karuna, and Tibetan. Each variation has special or different techniques, and for me, I take what resonates from each training and infuse it into a blended technique. Every time I work with Reiki I am reminded of its power, its wisdom and am still always blown away. Reiki has shown me how it works and brought so much healing into my own personal life and my clients so many times that my trust in it is irrevocable. To be placed with Reiki is a truly beautiful journey. Whether you go on to work on clients with it as I do or if you just bring it into your own personal life, it will be there, guiding you.

Here's the thing, you're sitting here reading this for a reason. There's something calling you to this energy. A curiosity, a need to understand. Do not ignore that. That's how it started for me almost 20 years ago. Looking back now I can see the different places in my life where Reiki interveined, turned me around, and got me going back on the right track. It's been my guiding force since I was 17 years old. However, it wasn't until the last 3-4 years that I was finally in a place to start sharing this Energy and my experiences with others. Which is another really beautiful thing about Reiki. I truly believe, and I feel in general the Reiki community believes that each client that comes to a particular practitioner for healing or to be placed with Reiki is Universally guided. Reiki is wise, it is all-knowing. There's always going to be something either I've experienced or am empathetic to that is going to draw my clients to me. This will be the same for you if you decide to join me in this journey. Being attuned or placed with Reiki is, dare I say, magical. I have this ability to clear a room out from stagnant or negative energy, help my kids settle down from a tantrum, enable my plants to grow strong and vibrant, re enrich my food if it's not at its freshest state, fix kinks in my electrical appliances, yes Reiki can even do that! More importantly, I can help humans find peace. Release traumas that are stored in our energetic field, move stagnant energy that weighs us down. Boost the immune system and strengthen our energetic flow. Provide relief from stress and anxiety, and even relieve physical pain. Reiki is essentially limitless.

I am so passionate about Reiki and helping the clients that come my way, and I found out not so long ago that I am also extremely passionate about teaching it. I would love for you to join me this month for a Level I & II Course in Usui and Holy Fire III Reiki Certification. In my course, we will learn the fundamentals of Reiki, and working with clients, we dive into the Aura and Chakra Systems, learn about Crystal Healing with Reiki and so much more. Spots are limited so save your spot today! Have questions, feel free to email me at!



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